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What Clients Say: 

"Our work with Dave Michelman of Michelman Consulting has been transformative for our leadership team.  He has provided a valuable framework for strategic growth, with a personalized approach accounting for our unique needs as a school.  His process is structured, responsive, and specific to outcomes and goals.  He empowered our Board members to take ownership of strategies and tactics serving both our current situation and long-term objectives.  As a Head of School, I particularly appreciated that his guidance was clear yet customized to each individual member of our team.  Additionally, his sense of humor is engaging, making even structural tasks meaningful.  We are grateful for the learning process and quite proud of our progress as a result of our work with Michelman Consulting."


Jacqueline Westerfield, Head of School

Grandview Preparatory School 

"The Cooper School employed Dave Michelman to lead our Board through a best practices in Board Governance retreat. Dave was professional, thoughtful, and responsive throughout the entire process. The initial calls and Zoom meetings with Dave helped create actionable goals for the retreat and allowed the Board Chair and me to hone down on what we wanted to accomplish during our time together. Dave led the full Board through a presentation, group work, and goal setting during the retreat itself. Dave was available to answer questions and make clarifications after the retreat ended. The result was a much more organized and educated Board, which has been instrumental in helping The Cooper School grow. We look forward to using him again in the future."

Franci Bell, Head of School

Cooper School 

Using his experience and insight into team dynamics and function, Dave led our team to a better understanding of ourselves and our individual roles, of our commitments to each other, and our mission as a leadership team.  Our growth as a team and our improved disciplines are making a difference for our team and ultimately for our school. 

In addition. I used Dave as a coach and his coaching created a comfortable yet prompting environment where I have been able to deepen my own reflection, gain much needed clarity and leave sessions with an action plan that yields results.  His support has resulted in personal and professional growth and has been instrumental in creating new leadership disciplines."


Rachel Deems, Head of School 

Spartanburg Day School 

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