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An Ode to Joy

For those of us striving to survive in today’s trying and ultra partisan world, we need to search for and embrace joy whenever and wherever it comes. One of the things I pride myself on is the brevity of my posts. Give me a minute or two and you will get whatever (limited) wisdom I have.

Today, I am asking you to dedicate five minutes for joy by clicking here.

I hope you watched the video; you deserve that happiness. If you did not, the video begins with a sole double bassist in the streets of Sadell, Spain. He begins to play the bass line to Ode to Joy. Soon he is joined by a cellist. Violins join in, then reed and brass instruments. A bass drum shows up as do singers. The streets are jammed with joyfully shocked townspeople. Children dance and conduct, adults smile and everyone is filming the event. The video literally brought a tear or two to my eye.

This orchestra thought hard about how to bring joy to the world. As leaders, we should do the same.

In addition to the joy it brought, the video brought home the power of collaboration and teamwork. The bass line sounds great, the music is more vibrant with the cello. Likewise every addition to the orchestra brings a new synchronous element to the music. It grows bolder, more complete, better.

Remember the power of team. Each musician knew their purpose in playing, each knew the framework in which they were supposed to operate. And each addition made the music better and thus improved the experience for the audience.

Every leader ought to ask themselves how can I bring joy to my work and how can I harness the power of my teams to improve the experience of our users.


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