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Just Be Patient with New Drivers?

A “Please Be Patient, New Driver” bumper sticker seems to be the new way to announce that the driver of a vehicle is learning to drive. However, observing the proliferation of such bumper stickers, I have to conclude that about ¼ of all Durham drivers are rookies. 

As clearly ¼ of all drivers are not just starting, I wonder why so many cars still display the bumper sticker. An obvious reason is that it is easier to put on the bumper sticker when your child is just beginning to drive than it is to scrap it off when the driver becomes a bit more accomplished. Second, who is to determine when a driver is no longer new. 

However, another factor may be at play. It is nice to have other drivers be patient around you. Why not leave the bumper sticker on if other drivers will give you a bit of grace. We all want it. 

The sad fact is that in today’s world giving grace, the benefit of the doubt, assuming best intentions is in short supply.

Perhaps we as leaders can lead the way. Let’s give some grace and run institutions that assume best intentions.


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